Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas - Day 17

One of our Family Christmas traditions is our "Christmas Lolly (Candy) Tree". I've made it since Shane and Rachel were tiny little humans. It is a polystyrene cone with lots of lollies in wrappers and colourful curly ribbon pinned all around it. I make it about 2 weeks prior to Christmas Day, but the first person to take a lolly from it is Santa on Christmas Eve when he is leaving our gifts. When Shane and Rachel would get up on Christmas morning some of the lollies would have been eaten and a trail of papers would lead to the chimney. Even now with Shane and Rachel all grown up and not living with me anymore, I still make the lolly tree and no lollies are eaten until Christmas Morning. This year I also made Rachel one and she had to make sure Luke (her partner) kept up with our family tradition. One day I will get to make one for Shane and Stacey - it's just a bit hard to get theirs to the top end of Australia in Cairns seeing I am right down the bottom.