Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Eltham Town"

I have lived in the Eltham area for about 19 years now. I moved here because I loved the quiet country, arty, greeny feeling of the area. But oh my, how things have changed. I know with population growth there has to also be growth in the infrastructure, but come on does a small township like Eltham really need three big supermarkets. The traffic is chaotic - there are so many short tempered drivers. The other morning I needed to go to the shops so I decided I would go early to miss all the work, school and general traffic - like at 7.30am. It was so nice when I got to the carpark and it was empty, even the little town square was pretty much deserted other than the council dude doing some sweeping. I did my little bit of shopping in peace and headed back home. Didn't take long for reality to hit home when I was once again in the traffic - even had a tractor in front me.
Oh how I would like to move to a little country town!!!