Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Angel Thursday & Affirmation Boxes"

Oh what a lovely morning I had at "Angels Thursday". It was my turn to be the "Angel In Charge" so to speak. I basically had to organise the format of our morning. I was a bit nervous how it would all go, cause I'm pretty new at all this stuff and my little "self doubt gremlin" in my head kept putting in her pennies worth. But there was really no need to worry - I think it turned out really well - even if I do say so myself. What does that little gremlin know anyway. I based the morning on affirmations and promises to ourselves. The girls all wrote their special affirmations and placed it into their little handmade boxes. Then as everyone relaxed I read a list of special self promises that resonated with me. The morning was filled with lots of those special small moments that will stay with me forever.


  1. Sounds fabulous Davine!!!! Glad you all had a wonderful time.

  2. Wow, this sure sounds like a wonderful way to spend a morning! What an awesome group to have going there Davine, great way to begin any day is with positive influences!

    The link to that site I was mentioning is

    You sign up and receive a free quote of the day each and every day. I sometimes like to discuss the quote of the day with my niece, when she's nearby this is. We generally find the same meaning in the quotes, she learns, I enjoy... I learn as well through the mind of a 14 year old!

  3. I was so Blessed to be part of such a wonderful morning, Davine! I'm glad the 'self doubt gremlin' was put in her place. You were awesome!


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