Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Me & Me Dog - Oh to be walking along a beach in Queensland with Shane and mitch.

This morning I had a visit with my lovely Dr. Alicia. She is so nice and caring, I can usually count on a cuddle. During our conversation this morning I happened to mentioned that I write a blog. She was so happy with me, saying that this is a fabulous way to help me with my grieving and wonderful therapy. One comment she made, which I totally agree with was that the comments that people leave me is also helping me get on with my life. She also said that I am probably also helping my readers as well – I hope this is also true. She thought my “Davine Time” was a great idea to make sure I didn’t forget myself and that is exactly why I started it. Another hint she gave me was a way to help me with my health and weight. I have had difficulty with my weight for a number of years and have tried many many diets. So I thought maybe I will do a little monthly update on that front as well. Don’t worry I am not going to bore you all to tears with me going on about weight and food, because that would drive me crazy as well. I might just do an update once a week.

“Davine Time” – Went for a drive with Shane and his Dad (Jack) to the waterfront. We had a lovely afternoon.