Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Angels, Ebay and Ears!!

I have had the best day today – busy but the best. The day started out with an “Angels” morning at beautiful Michelle’s. I must say personally I got so much more out of the morning than just doing a few angel card readings. Between Michelle, Helga and myself we did a lot of talking, that made me so much more aware of where I am in my life now and how I feel both in my heart and my head. It has also become clear to me that even though I am a strong person and have things to do, it is my time to look after Davine’s needs, to pamper myself as I would my best friend. We should all remember that we are our own best friend and owe it to ourselves to love ourselves more than anyone or anything else. Michelle – remember your homework is a hug from Michelle every morning.

Next it was on to Sunbury to pick up a camera/laptop backpack I bought on ebay – I must say I love ebay. The backpack I bought is second hand but looks brand new and heaps cheaper than if I did buy a new one. It will be great to take both my laptop and camera to Cairns. I will be able to update my blog with some tropical photos.
Then it was of to have my hearing tested. Shane keeps remarking that I don’t hear him, but of course I tell him he is mumbling. So today I decided to prove him wrong and yeah I did. My hearing is perfect – so I guess he will just have to stop mumbling.
Now I am exhausted, so it is going to be an early night.

"Davine Update" - Actually doing today.