Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Angels, Ebay and Ears!!

I have had the best day today – busy but the best. The day started out with an “Angels” morning at beautiful Michelle’s. I must say personally I got so much more out of the morning than just doing a few angel card readings. Between Michelle, Helga and myself we did a lot of talking, that made me so much more aware of where I am in my life now and how I feel both in my heart and my head. It has also become clear to me that even though I am a strong person and have things to do, it is my time to look after Davine’s needs, to pamper myself as I would my best friend. We should all remember that we are our own best friend and owe it to ourselves to love ourselves more than anyone or anything else. Michelle – remember your homework is a hug from Michelle every morning.

Next it was on to Sunbury to pick up a camera/laptop backpack I bought on ebay – I must say I love ebay. The backpack I bought is second hand but looks brand new and heaps cheaper than if I did buy a new one. It will be great to take both my laptop and camera to Cairns. I will be able to update my blog with some tropical photos.
Then it was of to have my hearing tested. Shane keeps remarking that I don’t hear him, but of course I tell him he is mumbling. So today I decided to prove him wrong and yeah I did. My hearing is perfect – so I guess he will just have to stop mumbling.
Now I am exhausted, so it is going to be an early night.

"Davine Update" - Actually doing today.


  1. Yes, actually doing today and having those experiences is Davine time. I was not so lucky in the hearing tug-of-war ... but hey!

    I love e-bay too. My daughter is teaching me how to get the best out of it. Isn't it good to be connected to the world in this way?

  2. I'm gonna try this again.....Happy St. Patty's day to ya. And thanks for your lovely comments on my stranger than fiction bloggies. Of course, please be my guest and take either or both of the awards. We would all love to learn more about the lovely, talented and sweet Davine. (((hugs))) until next time

  3. Hey Davine,

    We really did have much more than an 'Oracle Card' session, didn't we? I learned so much, and felt Very Valued, Appreciated, and Cared for ... Thank You.

    Thank You for my 'homework' reminder ... consider it done!

    Michelle xx

  4. You definitely deserve Davine time, so glad this was a Good day!

    Kind Regards


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