Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Angel Lunch

I spent a lovely few hours today at an Angel lunch that lovely Michelle of Joy Express had organised. It was so nice to spend the time with eight other like minded women yet the enjoyment also came from us all being so different. We all had an Angel Card reading and mine was very appropriate for my life at the moment. I have been confused and have many questions of which direction I would like my life to take. Some of these questions were answered. My real joy at lunch today was to catch up with Michelle. As most of you know my Dad passed away just over two weeks ago. Well Michelle’s Dad passed away a few weeks prior to that. We hadn’t seen each other until today. Our greeting to each other was with a hug and really no words were needed we just both knew what we both needed and how we both felt. Although it is not nice for anyone to loose a parent but on a personal note it was comforting to have Michelle in the same space as me.

We both had the same question. Why is the grieving process so difficult to deal with? How come one hour you feel OK and then the next hour you are in tears then the next hour you go back to being a bit numb? Well I certainly don’t know the answer, I am just experiencing it. I know this will all take time and I do have plenty of that. But it still doesn’t make it any easier.

"Davine Time" update: Today it was certainly going to the Angel Lunch.


  1. I don't think anyone really has an answer as to how or why we grieve. We just do it in our own way at our own speed. Being loved helps, being nurtured by like minds helps, allowing yourself to do it helps. Sending you lots of loving thoughts...((((hugs))))) until next time

  2. Hi Davine,

    It sounds like a fantastic, well derserved, and needed day for you. Wonderful!

    I know why I grieved when my Mom passed away, I lost my best friend, my constant in life and for me I wasn't ok until I tamed down my ego a bit and began to live in gratitude for the time I had with my Mom. I came to a place of understanding that her purpose was fulfilled here on earth and I took solace in knowing that my Mom isn't too far away, I'm a part of her so I will always carry her with me. Even though 7 1/2 years have passed, I still get moments in time where I do miss my Mom and I'm sure that I will carry that with me for many years to come. It's hard and we all do come to our own place where peace and balance does come back into our lives. As Linda mentioned we all grieve in our own way and in our own time.

  3. Linda and Darlene - thank you so much for your very kind and wise words. They do really help.

  4. I thank you, too, Linda and Darlene ... my world is in an easier and more manageable place now since seeing you, Davine, at Angel Lunch. It's like knowing that you are not alone in this difficult period makes it all seem easier. Thank You. :)

  5. Death is so hard to understand! My dad passed away in 1998! I still have a hard time!! Take care of yourself!!


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