Saturday, March 13, 2010


This is actually my belated post for Friday. I was having to much fun last night to even turn on my computer. Yesterday was a day of pottering around the house - actually trying to clean and dry all the camping stuff we took last weekend. But last night a group of friends, Alice, Melissa, Wanda, Robyn and myself got together at my house to celebrate a belated birthday for Sylda. The reason it was belated was because Sylda was actually supposed to be in the Faulkland Isands at the moment - but she isn't. She was supposed to have been going through Chili, but as we know Chili was stuck by a tragic earthquake. So poor Sylda has had to postpone her trip until October. The reason we had the gathering at my house was because Sylda loves ice hockey and I had taped the great Winter Olympic final betwen USA and Canada. So tonight was the night to watch it. It is so nice to spend time with girlfriends and have a few drinks, lots of talking and lots of laughs.

"Davine Time" update - spending time with friends.


  1. Good for you Davine, sounds like a blast!

  2. It is so much fun to talk and laugh with a group of girls!!


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