Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Weekend

This has been a good weekend, I have had more good hours than not. I am feeling a bit more settled in my life, but I still expect some crazy days. The decluttering journey in my office is getting there slowly but surely. I am finding all sorts of stuff; at least I have paid all the bills I have come across. I have also been back on the horse with my creativity – I have made six bracelets. Two of them are orders for a girlfriends (Jenni) shop “Homing Instincts” in Warrandyte. Creating something – anything really inspires me and basically makes me happy. I am also considering upgrading my car to a Toyota RAV4, so Shane and I went to check some out today. The car salesman was really trying his hardest to sell me a car today – can’t blame him it is his job. But I let him know pretty quickly I wasn’t ready to buy just yet – goodness me this is the first time I have even looked. Hope everyone else out there has had a great weekend too.

“Davine Time” update: Having brunch with Shane at “CafĂ© Strada” –
which is where my beautiful daughter works when not at Uni.