Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friends and Family

I have always cherished my friends and family and tried to make them aware of how much they mean to me, but at times like these I am quite amazed by the love and friendship I am receiving. It is interesting how everyone has their own way of showing their love and support. It doesn’t matter if it is a kind word, a gentle touch on the shoulder, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a phone call, a bunch of roses from their garden, a gift of a Buddha or a crystal, a huge hug, or even just a smile or a wink of the eye that says “I am here if you need anything”, I am so so happy that I have the people I have in my life. Thank you, you are all bringing a smile to my heart at the moment.

“Davine Time” update – I took myself of to my dear old Dads and my favourite Chinese Restaurant and treated myself to some take away.


  1. Good. That is as is meant to be. As it works the best. Friends are good at this.

  2. Friends are like angels with only one wing....we need each other to fly. You are so fortunate to have such a lovely bunch to help you fly at a time when you need it. (((hugs)))

  3. I am so happy to hear that you have such wonderful friends Davine. Friends are amazing in helping us through our tough times, true angels sent from above!

    Dinner sounds like it was nice, great to hear that you are treating yourself and what a wonderful way to take some "me" time!

  4. When we feel down or are going through tough times, it is amazing how a smile from a stranger or a kind word from the girls at your local supermarket can lift your mood.
    Even just sitting on a public seat in a shopping strip watching passers by can help.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  5. Friends are the glue that holds us together...


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