Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Imaginary Friends

Yes I am still here; I just haven’t had the energy to write anything for the past few days. Dear old Dad has really gone downhill. Sunday he was in his own little fantasy world with lots of past (deceased) friends and strangers visiting him throughout the day. He spent the entire day talking to these imaginary people while trying to touch and grab things that didn’t exist. It was extremely frustrating for him as he couldn’t talk clear enough for us to understand. I do know that my grandmother (his Mum – Myrtle) who died when I was 6 was in the room all day listening to the radio. We decided it was just best to agree with all of his sightings, to prevent him becoming more frustrated. At one stage I was asked to turn the imaginary radio up, so I pretended to and all was OK. Then yesterday Dad was still a bit confused, thankfully no visitors came, but he was totally exhausted and slept the whole day. So the last few days have been quite exhausting for everyone, but we took some advice from my darling cousin Susan, who has been through this with both of her parents. She said just put yourself into their little world and remember to still have a laugh – yes I know she is a wise woman and I love her. Now on Tuesday morning I am sitting here not sure of what my day will consist of today, but I will deal with whatever comes along.

** “Davine Time” update – I have made time to sit and watch “Desperate Housewives” with Rachel and I have also indulged in some meditating.