Monday, November 16, 2009

Time Differences

A comment from a dear blog friend "Darlene" about the time difference we have between us has prompted this post. Thanks Darlene - I was having brain pause in what I was going to write and you inspired me. Isn't the web amazing how we can now be in constant contact with people - some we don't even know - with the tap of a few keys on the keypad. Back in the 80's I lived in Toronto for a couple of years and then in New York for about 3 years. Being my parents only child and taking their only two
grandchildren away from them was pretty difficult. The only contact I could have was a very expensive phone call or a letter that took about a week to even get to them. Ah how nice it would have been to have the "WWW's" or "Email" or even my favorite at the moment "Skype". I must say I do love being able to share peoples lives that I meet over the web. So I thought I would just see what the time difference is between me and the "friends" who follow my blog.

fitceter - not sure where in Canada so you would be somewhere between 16 & 18 hours.
My Haven - Shirley -11 hours
Joy Express - Michelle - Same time (Michelle is only about 2 minutes away by car)
Susan & Bec - Same time (About 2 hours away by car)
My Life for a year - Darlene - 18 hours
Teepee - Trish - 1 hour
tillnextyear - Trish - not sure where you live.
Erasing the bored - Suzen - 17 hours
Move with Me - If is in Morocco - 11 hours
Old Dame Penniwig - where in the world are you?
The Fifty factor - Joanna - 19
Nikon Sniper - Stephen - 17 hours
Laura - not sure where you are from.
LL - 17 hours
Really sorry if I have forgotten, but my brain is a wee bit frazzled after all of that. Darlene I think you may have created a monster!! Any visitors to my little blog I would love to know what the time difference from you is as well. May as well send me totally crazy!!
I am also very excited as today I reach 1000 visitors to my blog, yeah I have made a milestone.