Friday, November 20, 2009


There's nothing more exhausting than an emotionally charged and busy couple of days. My dear old Dad is no better, I really believe he is getting to the end of his wonderful life. We have spent the last week talking (although very short talks) about some of the things we need to discuss, and he keeps telling me his time is almost up. It is very very sad, but I think he has had a very happy, satisfying 91 years. Last night after Dad was sound asleep I went out for a quick Mexican (my favorite) meal with my beautiful daughter. She has sort of taken on the roll of mothering me as I cope with other stuff. It was just what I needed to revitalise my mind and body. Then tonight I have had my gorgeous boy down from Cairns for one night only. He is a lot quieter than his sister. Where Rachel and I will spend hours non stop talking. Shane and I just sit and have words here and there, but just feeling comfortable to be in each others company. I have also been busy making items for the Christmas Market tomorrow. I am really looking forward this new experience, but still just a little bit nervous. Wishing you all the very best for this coming weekend, enjoy.