Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am having a lazy night in front of the TV tonight. I'm watching the "Arias", which for the non Aussies out there, that is the Australian equivalent of the Grammys I guess. I listen to quite a lot of music and up until tonight I thought I wasn't to far in the past - but oh boy am I wrong. I haven't heard of most of these bands and artists. I am really feeling ancient at this very point in time. Oh hang on "AC DC" just won 2 awards - I know them!!. Oh my goodness "Robbie Williams" just sang. I didn't really like his song, but call me crazy but I think there is something sexy about that man. The show was also started of with a song from Keith Urban - I must say he is pretty cute as well. OK I am now starting to sound like a dirty old woman and I still don't know most of these people singing, so I might just tape the rest of the show and climb into my bed. I must say I really am happy that I like the music that I like. Oh hang on Powderfinger have have just come on stage - I do really like them a lot. OK until tomorrow - I will say goodnight and wish all my American friends a happy Thanksgiving. Sorry to all my Canadian friends I didn't realize your Thanksgiving was a different date, so my apologies and hope you all had a great October 12th. Isn't it weird how the same special day can be held on different dates all over the world. But that is another post I guess.