Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lists Lists Lists

I am a real list person, I think I always have been. I get great satisfaction of that final crossing of the things I have finished. After having a conversation with my son Shane, I have discovered that is one thing I have passed onto him. We had an in depth conversation on the joy of crossing the completed things of the list. Each weekend I like to write down the jobs I would like to get completed during the following week. But this week there has been only frustration. I made my list last weekend, nothing major just some things I would like to get completed. Then on Monday I pulled my calf muscle and I just couldn't walk around to do anything much. But tonight my calf was feeling a bit better and the weather wasn't 34c, so I headed out into the garden and did some cutting back of my "Star Jasmine", it was really out of control. After having a week of very hot weather some of the plants - new tomatoes in particular really needed some water. But as we are in a drought and on water restrictions I had to do a few watering can loads. Now I am sitting with ice back on my calf, maybe to much to soon. Oh well I am sure I will survive at least I got something done.