Saturday, November 21, 2009

Great Saturday

I have had such a great Saturday. Melissa came along to the Christmas Market with me and overall we both had a pretty successful day. The beginning of the day looked as though we could have a major storm, but mother nature decided to hold the rain off and by the end of the day we had quite a warm humid day. The market was at one of the local primary schools and the colour, bouncing castles, sausages in bread, scones with jam & cream, face painting, spray on tattoos, kids and some great stalls made the whole experience very enjoyable. I am home now sitting in my living room enjoying having Shane (partner) home. He has been in Tasmania the past two weeks visiting his family. Dad is OK, he has been asleep most of the day. At least he is warm, fed and comfortable.


  1. I love fairs and markets and festivals! Glad your day was fun....

    Yes, with our very elderly, we can realize that a day of dozing and eating a bit is really quite full to them...not meager as it may initially seem to us...I have found my husband often enjoys just dozing and reading a little bit, then getting up for a bite...then early bed...I was stressed until I realized that that made for a happy day for him!

  2. Wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the market Davine! I like all of your jewelery, you've been busy!

    Nice for you to have your partner home as well, I'm sure it helps you through all that you do in a day just having him there.

  3. Your stall looks so professional,Davine. Congratulations on such a wonderful day! It really is lovely to see your jewellery again ... do you have a website happening for it, yet?


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