Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tummy Bug!!!!

That's right "Tummy Bug". I have had a couple of days where I'm a bit off colour. Lets just say I would really like my own bathroom and pillow top bed at the moment. Although I do feel a little better today I'm still not 100% so I'm having a lazy day in and around the camper people watching and playing on my laptop. It's really interesting of a morning watching campers pack up and head off along the dusty dirt road and within minutes in comes another van ready to set up in their new location. Most campers are full of excitement to be at a new location, some are just plain and simply tired after their drive. Once set up most jump into a pretty relaxed state of mind, some find they have to be doing something. Its funny watching the men that have to be doing something, they potter around their van doing any little job they can invent. Some campers become very precious and protective of their little plot of land they have book for X amount of days, but most just want to enjoy the surroundings and relax. This camp - Barn Hill - is one such location where you can totally relax.

This guy got hooked by a shark and off it took with his line.
He was really struggling to try and wind it in -
but all of a sudden the line went ZAP and broke and the shark was free.

No luck for Shane - NO Sharks, NO Fish not even a little crab liked his bait.
Oh well lucky he just likes the joy of fishing.

Someone has found a snack!

Tried a bit of arty stuff with this shot

Last night was a Blue Moon, but I thought I would much prefer it PURPLE

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