Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Aussie Adventure so far.......

Today we drove from Broome to Barn Hill Outstation, which took us a whole 2hrs 30mins. It was the first day our adventure has done an about face. We have spent the past 89 days heading to the northern parts of Australia, but from today on we are now heading south. This got me thinking about some milestones we have encountered, what things I love about this lifestyle, what things I miss about my life back in Eltham and just how much my life has changed in the past 12 months. 
We have slept in 39 towns/road houses around Australia so far. 
We have driven 12,229 kms (7599 miles). 
What I love about my lifestyle:
I love all the amazing things I have learnt about this beautiful country I live in. 
I have met and read about some amazing Aussies from the past, especially some amazing strong Aussie woman. 
The colours in Northern Australia are amazing. The sun is brighter, sunsets are more stunning, birds are more colourful. 
I have learnt a lot about Australian Aborigines - some bad but mostly good. 
I can be creative in my jewellery making without having all my craft supplies close at hand. (See below)
What I miss about my life in Eltham: (other than my wonderful family)
I miss my Sunday bath night, with bubbles, candles and soothing music. 
I miss my early morning visit to the loo (bathroom). I still go there but all the different smells from the other travellers just doesn't do it for me. 
I do still miss my craft room supplies a bit. (See above) 
How much has my life changed in the past 12 months
Wow where do I start with this one. This time 12 months ago I was sitting at home recovering from a hysterectomy. Dreaming about my 12 month Aussie Adventure wondering if it was really going to happen. I had two beautiful grandchildren - Clare and O'Shea who had both just turned one. Now I have three adorable grandchildren - Clare, O'Shea and Mikayla is 3 months. I also have another grandbaby due in December, compliments of Shane and Stacey. I thought the birds I listened to in the morning sounded pretty good, but now the sounds the birds I listen to as I lie in bed are absolutely amazing. 12 months ago I believed that to be the best me I could be I had to be doing stuff, didn't matter what it was, learning was doing. Now I really feel to be the best me is to be me. To finish off I think I have finally found the real me. 
Note: No photos today, but I'm sure the camera will get a bit of a work out tomorrow. 


  1. I'm so glad I'm back on tour with you. Great insights. XX

    1. Great to have you back Mark. Every day I am more and more suprised on how my view on life is changing.


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