Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Day to Myself

Before leaving on our trip we discussed that every now and then we will have a day apart to get some quality self time, and today was one of those days. I started my day by visiting the Broome Saturday Market. It's a lot bigger than the Sunday one but still has a bit of a hippy feel to it. It was pretty warm so I indulged in a homemade orange frozen icy pole - very refreshing and also very yummy. Then I totally indulged myself. Ever since I was a teenager when I saw an Australian documentary by Malcolm Douglas where he visited the Horizontal Falls in far north Western Australia I have wanted to visit them and see this spectacular event for myself. When I finally got up this way it was an even stronger dream but it is quite expensive and I just couldn't justify the cost. So at the market this morning I started talking to the lady selling the tours and she was saying that there aren't any tours Friday, Saturday or Sunday because of the low tides. So I asked if there were any seats available prior to then and there was one seat left on Wednesday. I just knew that the universe had kept that seat for me so I booked it. So Wednesday it is, when I do something that has been on my bucket list for a very long time. I can't wait to share my adventure with you.
It's now 8.00pm and Shane and I have had our day apart and we are now sitting at Broome Raceway watching Motocross (motorbikes) and some pretty powerful cars burning up the dirt track. This is so much fun. We are sitting on one of the bends and getting sprayed with dirt as the cars tear past us.  

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  1. What a fantastic idea to come up with even before you left, I feel we all need our "me" time every now and again. I'm finally back after my "me" time and it lasted a bit longer than a day. No justifications required neither, I needed it so I took it and now I'm a whole lot more balanced.

    This event looks like it was fun, you were blogging while watching the race? You multi-tasker you! lol

    Have a wonderful week my friend. Cheers.


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