Friday, August 9, 2013

Broome to Cape Leveque to Broome

Yeah I'm back after a week away having a holiday while on a holiday. Firstly for those who read my last post, Zoe is doing fine now - thank you my darling daughter Rachel for looking after her so well. My week has been filled with lots of excitement, challenges and overall been a wonderful week. Cape Leveque is about 217 kms north of Broome and is absolutly beautiful. But getting there can be a little bit of a challenge. The first 22 kms is fine as it is a sealed road then you have to tackle the sand, gravel, corrugations, rocks for the next approx. 90 kms. Luckily the last halfish is then sealed again. I have never been on a road like this, it was pretty exciting. Thank goodness Shane drove on the unsealed parts, I am a fairly confident driver but I wasn't confident enough to tackle this terrain.
Off we head along the Cape Leveque Rd!!
Luckily on our way home the grader was out smoothing out the corrugations and the last 30 kms was a pleasure to travel along. The road to our first location, Middle Lagoon was once again along 5 kms of a very sandy road, it had heaps of dips just like the big dipper. We stayed for four nights at Natures Hidaway at Middle Lagoon, where we pitched our little tent and spent our days relaxing, fishing and enjoying this beautiful relaxed location.

Middle Lagoon - One of the beautiful sunsets we watched
Then it was of to Kooljamin at Cape Leveque. This location was a little bit more civilized but still very relaxed and beautiful. This time our little tent was pitched over looking the Indian Ocean and watching the most amazing sunset every night. We once again spent most of our time relaxing although we did spend a day further north, in fact the most northern point you can travel, checking out One Arm Point. One Arm Point is a laid back Aboriginal Community. While there we visited Ardyaloon Trochus Hatchery & Aquaculture Centre which had some very interesting local sealife in tanks. Then onto Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm where we did a very interesting and informative tour of the pearl farm. 

One Arm Point - What a view
On our last day we decided to go out on a fishing charter. So off we headed with 2 other men and the skipper Greg. There were plenty of fish out there but they were all undersize. Shane caught a pretty big Bat Fish, but threw it back as apparantly they taste terrible. Much to my delight I was the only one who caught a fish big enough to keep. It was a Blue Line Emperor and I was pretty chuffed with myself that I had caught dinner. Even though our time fishing was not terribly successful it was still worthwhile as out in the ocean we saw sea snakes, a dolphin, quite a few turtles and heaps and heaps of Hunpback Whales, most of them being mums and their bubs. It was so magic wathcing then, one Mum and her baby came within 20 metres of our boat.
Blue Line Emperor

Mum and Bubs come over to say Hi.

A very BIG Wave
On our way back to Broome we called into a small community called Beagle Bay to visit the historic and well known Sacred Heart Church. I am so glad we did as this church is amazing. It is decorated with literally millions of mother of pearl oyster shells. Beagle Bay is the home of the Nyul Nyul people who are the traditional owners of the land. They originally called the area around the mission Ngarlun Burr which means Place Surrounded by Springs.
The Mother of Pearl decorated Altar

Sacred Heart Church - Beagle Bay
So now we are back in Broome for about 10 days to just relax and chill out before heading down the West Australian coast.

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  1. This has been my most favourite post so far, Davine! The story-telling has taken on a magical quality and your photos are FABULOUS! I want to drive down that amazing red dirt road ... Thank you.


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