Sunday, August 25, 2013

Goodbye Barn Hill

Today is our last day at Barn Hill Outstation. It has really been a wonderfully relaxing place to stay. I have seen some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Let my inner child play in the sand. Fished often, but didn't catch anything. Although I did get a small stingray on my line and he almost took me for a jog along the beach as he swam from side to side, before breaking the line and swimming free. Today there was a Sunday Market so I set up a stall with my jewellery I have designed and made.  There ended only bring three stalls but it turned out to be a pretty profitable day for me. Every Sunday night the have a Sunday Night Roast. For $15 we got soup, roast beef & veggies and finished of with fruit salad and ice cream. It was very tasty and turned out to be a very entertaining night.
So until I next have Internet reception keep safe and enjoy life. 

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