Saturday, August 24, 2013

Barn Hill Art ........

Yesterday I was so excited about sharing my day with you, and then the internet connection was no longer. So here it is now. I woke at 4.30am unable to sleep any longer, so I just lay there listening to all the birds start their day. A couple of days prior I rececived a facebook post about a guy called Tony Plant in the UK that does beach art with a rake. Check out this link on his amaing creations. I remember saying to myself as I watched the video "Gee wish I had a rake with me". Well the universe answered me and low and behold the next day there was a rake at the back of the van. The campers who had left that morning left it behind as it was a little broken. So seeing I was awake so early I decided to head off down to the beach and have a play. Walking down to the beach I was lucky enough to welcome the day in with a beautiful sunrise.

Playing around with the rake on the secluded beach was extremely theraputic. A few people walked past with comments about having fun and strange looks on their faces, wondering what the heck this woman was doing. I had a bit of an aiudience from the hilltop. But my inner child was definately just having fun. I was down there about 2 hours creating my masterpice and loving every minute of it. I could really relate to the comment by Tony Plant when he said he didn't mind when the tide came in and his work would be washed away. I was down there doing it just for me, but if others enjoyed it that was fine. Then I was happy for Mother Nature to come and clean the slate.

The rest of day we had to drive back into Broome (130km) to stock up for our next week or so in the wilderness. There was quite a haze across the sky as there is a fire out of control up at Cape Leveque, where we were a few weeks ago. We arrived back at Barn Hill just in time to wander down to the beach for the sunset. Theres nothing like smoke in the sky to make a great sunset.

As I sat there bidding the day goodbye, I thought what a great day I have had.

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