Monday, July 19, 2010


My Monday was spent working at “Homing Instincts” and as usual it was a very enjoyable day. It is so nice spending the day in a shop with not only beautiful but really interesting products. This was my first full day of work since my operation and by 5.00pm when I finished I was pretty tired. Next on the agenda was dinner – what to have? I couldn’t decide what to have but I quickly decided I couldn’t be bothered cooking. So off to the noodle shop I went and shouted myself a big bowl of Chinese noodle soup. While walking to the shop I had to pass by a fountain and I must say I thought it looked beautiful. Someone had put some liquid soap in it and it was just a mountain of shimmering bubbles that were getting blown across the court. I know this is a form of graffiti and who ever did it shouldn’t have, but I still think it looks great. I remember years ago there was a fountain in the city that had also been bubbled but the bubbles also had red food colouring added as well. Oh my - it was beautiful.


  1. I love seeing bubbles in a fountain! I know it's kind of naughty but nice...

  2. What a sinful treat! You didn't commit the sin but yet got to enjoy the bubbles. I'd love to have a fountain just to be able to do this to it, or add the red as you mentioned, what fun!

  3. The bubbles do look great!!

  4. Hey Davine, Glad you're feeling good enough to be back to work full time!

    And you're right. the bubbles ARE beautiful. Thanks for the pic.



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