Friday, July 16, 2010

Anaesthetic Brain !!

Well I must say I haven’t had a very productive week. Each day I start out with great intentions, but by about 1.00pm I am so tired I just have to sit down and usually fall asleep. I never dreamed having my operation would affect me so much. I guess being under a general anaesthetic for 2 ½ hours has to have some effect on my body. I did at least stay awake all day today, so I was able to get some essential stuff like washing clothes and dishes done. I don’t feel like today has been a huge waste. I know I have to give my body time but there’s stuff I want to do and I have proven to me I am a bit impatient. Oh well tomorrow is another day and something will get done. I am having some girlfriends over tomorrow night for a “make yourself pizza night”. For a bit of fun we will all have our PJ’s on and we will play some games and just be silly all together.