Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Nose has Survived

Hello all, yes I am back from the depths of the Heidelberg Repat Hospitals operating theatre. The operation went fine – I am presuming. I must say I was so so scared as I lay on the bed in the waiting room. Then when they took me into the operating theatre and I was sliding onto the table I just wanted to jump up and leave the building. They said to keep my eyes open as long as I could!!! You are kidding – there was no way I was closing those little buggers until I was totally sound asleep!!!. There is really no pain in my nose and no bruising. Just a bit of swelling and a majorly blocked nose that is really annoying when I want to eat, or talk at the same time as breathe. Last night I thought I was fine and tackled a few things and then jumped in the shower. Guess I wasn’t a good as I thought because I almost passed out in the shower. I keep getting a bit dizzy but I guess that is from having my sinuses cleaned out and now totally blocked. I am thinking I will be bombarded with smells once I am totally unblocked. The Drs. Have said it could take up to a month before I am unblocked – nooooo.

Tomorrow I have the Lifestyle Expo to go to with my jewellery. I am really not to sure how I will handle it!! I guess if I take it easy I should be fine. OK I am now going to have a bit of a snooze and check in again later. Thanks everyone for your comments and phone calls.