Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I have had the laziest of days today. All I have been doing is clearing out my emails, playing on facebook, reading a couple of magazines and now I am watching (sort of) the Rugby Grand Final. I don't really follow Rugby but the final is between a Sydney team and Melbourne Storm. So being a proud Melbournite I have to go for the Storm. I haven't even taken a photo today so thought I would just share a couple of sayings that grabbed me and also a couple of photos of my loves.
Karma will always come back!!

When ever Zoe is left on her own in the house, we get home and she has our shoes in her bed.
She never chews them just takes them to her bed. Her record is 11 shoes!!!!

I have been guilty of re-reading some last chapters of my life.
I now make a conscious effort not to.

One of the loves of my life is my beautiful grand daughter Clare Megan Walker
Another one of my loves is my gorgeous grandson O'Shea Ryder Clohesy

Which step are you at today??