Monday, September 24, 2012

The Show

Today is was off to the Royal Agricultural Show for Shane and I. There have been very few years during my 59 years of life that I haven't been to the annual show. I have very fond childhood memories of heading off with Mum & Dad. Being an only child is was always Mum, Dad and Me. People always referred to us as Joan, Keith and Davine because it was always just the three of us. My memories include how Mum & I would be so excited about the day. It was like Dad was the adult and Mum and I were the kids. We would buy heaps of show bags and when we would get back home exhausted Mum and I would spread all our goodies out over the floor. These days I still really love going to the show and getting my show bags. Although I don't get as many show bags as I used to probably because a lot of them now cost $10 - $20 instead of most of them being less that $1.00. But some things haven't changed I still had a great day and I have still arrived home exhausted. I am also so glad I have had a day that has bought some wonderful memories of my parents to me.
Yummy Lunch - not to unhealthy!!

As we arrived we were welcomed by a singing cowboy on a very big bull!!

I'm glad this ram was in a pen, those horns were long and sharp.

The baby alpacas were adorable.

This calf was so cute but didn't smell very sweet.

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  1. Davine I'm glad you still do some of the things you used to do with your parents, what beautiful memories relived. I love the baby animals, they're so adorable! I've never seen a baby alpaca, way too cute. :-)

    I was surprised to read the cowboy is sitting on a bull, I had to take a closer look at the photo. It's not too often one sees this. I sure wouldn't sit on a bull, I've seen how mean most of them really are, they're downright scary!


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