Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spirit Of Tasmania

Last night we travelled back from Tasmania to Melbourne onboard the ship the Spirit of Tasmania. Having had worked for the Tasmanian Travel Centre for about 10 years I have travelled on this ship many many times. It is usually a pretty smooth sailing even though the stretch of water it travels on - The Bass Strait - is one of the roughest stretches of water in the world. I must say I have had two sailings that I would rather forget but last night was very smooth. We were also lucky enough to have received an upgrade on our cabin to one of the best types of cabins available. The bed was so comfy, warm, cosy pillows and big window to watch the stars at.
View of the Spirit of Tasmania while waiting in the car line to commence moving.

Driving into the bowels of the ship.

Our beautiful Deluxe Cabin


  1. I got to know your blog via Darlin. It looks nice. I am surprised that these ferry cabin look so good.


    1. Hi thanks for visiting my blog. Most of the cabins aren't as flash as these deluxe ones.


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