Friday, September 28, 2012

Chilly Day

Shane and I decided to do a little bit of touristy stuff today. He was going to have a fish first thing in the morning but it was just to wet and cold. So we headed of on our drive. Our first stop was at The Wall in the Wilderness. The wall is a work in progress and when it is finished (in 3 years) it will consist of 100 panels , a total of 300 metres, of beautifully hand carved Huon Pine, depicting the story of the Tasmanian Highlands. You are not allowed to take photos in there so I bought a couple of postcards and took photos of them. Even though this exhibition isn't finished yet I would thoroughly recommend anyone visiting Tasmania to visit it. The carvings are amazing and look so real you can hardly believe it is all wood.
Carving of an Echidna

Amazing detail : Huon Pine carving of this hand
Then it was onto Lake St Clair which is a beautiful scenic lake which I think is the deepest lake in Tasmania. Even though it was really cold and cloudy - in fact it was very close to snowing - the scene over the lake to the snow covered mountains was still beautiful.

I was well rugged up!!!
I am now sitting in my nice warm bed fairly tired after our big day.

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  1. Davine at least I now know what "rugged up" means, the first time I heard that I had to ask what the person meant when they told me I'd best "rug up". lol

    The carvings are phenomenal, it's amazing with the gifts some people possess.

    It looks a tad bit chilly there, Debbie said on fb that they were getting some snow flakes... and here I never thought it snowed in Australia. This goes to show how little I know! lol

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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