Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chill Out Time

Today was a Chill Out Day and I totally needed it. It was fairly cold last night in Echuca but thankfully our little heater kept the van warm and the flanellette sheets, flannellette PJ's, warm doona and heat pack kept the body nice and warm during the night. I woke at about 7.30am and went for a walk in the nice brisk air. Certaintly did wake me up. Echuca is located on the banks of the mighty Murray River, which is the river that separates the states of Victoria (where I live) and New South Wales. The name Echuca is an Aboriginal name for 'meeting of the waters'. The town on the New South Wales side of the river is Moama. Echuca Moama is Australia's Paddlesteamer Capitol. Around the 1870's Echuca was Australias largest inland port. The port of Echuca is still home to the largest Paddle Steamer fleet in the world, which includes the world's oldest surviving wooden hulled paddle boat, the 1866 built, PS Adelaide. The Murray River is also a magnet for lots of houseboats that are either privately owned or ones that can be rented out.
Echuca and the Murray - Get a load of the Thong Tree!!
The rest of the morning was taken up by breakfast, shower and just hanging out reading, surfing the net and generally doing nothing. The afternoon we headed into town for some lunch and a bit of sight seeing. The historic port area is very interesting with all of the buildings being restored to there original state.
How come I felt like ice-cream on such a cold day??
Mmmm Chocolate and Macadamia Nut and I'm not usually an ice-cream person.

Historic Echuca Port
Now it's almost 8.00pm, we have just had pizza for dinner - if we keep eating the way we are we will have to enlarge the camper door opening!! It's getting pretty chilly outside, so the heater is going and we are relaxing in our little camper - Myrtle.


  1. Thanks Davine, I really felt that the first part of your post was for me personally- I know now a little more Australian Geography than i knew yesterday. Such great info - I love it!!

  2. Davine, this is lovely - I feel like we are on holiday with you. Love the style of your photos - look fantastic. Can't wait to read some more.

  3. Thanks Mark and Beverly - Mark we will say they were for you personally OK. Beverly I sort of borrowed the writing style from Mark When reading his book "Camino" I felt as though I was on the walk with him. So I figured as I normally keep a journal while away I will just write it as my journal - just not as personal. The collage photos are easy to do in Picasa.

  4. Davine you're traveling now... yipeee! I'll have to go back and take a look at your previous posts and see what you've been up to.

    Awesome shots and I love the info you've included. Have fun, take care and stay warm my friend! It's absolutely beautiful here in Alberta and I'm lovin' it!


  5. Hi Darlene - This is only a short get away in preparation for the big one next January.


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