Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back Home with Internet Issues

Hello my lovelies - I am finally back in cyberspace after a week offline. What a week I have had too, Internet issues, work and just time away from my computer. Although I have been having a sneaky look at Facebook on my IPhone now and then. Last weekend I went to the "Mind, Body, Spirit" Festival. I had prebooked a reading with Allison at and what a wonderful way to start my day. She was only a young girl, very attractive and very very accurate. Firstly she picked up that my Mum was with me - but that was no surprise, Mum is always with me. She received quite a few other accurate messages. But the main one that threw me was that she told me that my daughter has a baby daughter and the the child was named after my Mum, and my Mum was happy about it. Now anyone who had read my blog you may have heard me mention Clare, my new granddaughter. Well she is my daughters daughter and she is named after my Mum!! I know people say that Mediums can say general things that would suit most people, but sometimes you just know. After the reading I spent an absolutely wonderful day wandering around the festival soaking up all the amazing energies.


  1. What an interesting trip to the festival - I love the crystals picture -beautiful.

  2. Davine that's fantastic you got to get away to this festival, good for you! I'm skeptical about mediums, but I've been to a few and sometimes what they've told me is so accurate that it's hard to remain skeptical.

    As I mentioned on fb, I love your crystals photo, that's a real beauty!

    Have a wonderful weekend... and a whole week away from the computer, wow that's impressive! Mind you I might have to take a hiatus for a few weeks, might being the key word! lol


  3. This sounds like the perfect start to a really wonderful day. Glad you have your Internet back.
    Have a great weekend, jj


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