Thursday, April 8, 2010

Elusive Santa

I am such a lucky girl. Yesterday I received a present for my lovely blog friend Darlene at “My Life for a Year”. Darlene lives in Canada and last Christmas she read my post about how I like to collect Santas for my Christmas display. Way back in January she told me she was sending me a gift but I had no idea what it was. I think we had both almost given up hope that it was ever going to arrive then yesterday the lovely Australia Post delivery man arrived at my door with a parcel for me. I didn’t even think of Darlenes present, I just thought I had ordered something online and forgotten about it. When I got it open (Darlene I bet you had to go buy a new roll of sticky tape after sending it) I was so excited and happy to have received my elusive gift. Thank you Darlene for my gorgeous “Red Neck Santa” I just love him. I think I might just leave him on show until Christmas he makes me smile way too much to be put in a cupboard for the next eight months.
“Davine Time” update: For Christmas my beautiful daughter Rachel gave me a gift voucher for a massage. So today I took myself of to have a Reflexology Massage on my feet. It was so so nice and very interesting as the parts that hurt were where the Sciatic Nerve is radiated to and I always have problems with my Sciatic Nerve. I did also actually do some work today, but it was some very enjoyable creative work. I made these bracelets.