Friday, April 9, 2010


Hey did anyone know that in FIVE days I will be in Cairns.
Can you tell I am excited!!
Since my Dads passing I have really been out of sorts – I sort of feel like I have lost my purpose. As I don’t have my Mum and Dad anymore and my kids have grown and moved out, it is really hard getting used to just being responsible for me. I have decided my trip to the tropics is my time to indulge totally in “Davine Time” and decide what I would like to do now. One thing I have decided I am not going to back to full time work. I have thought I would like to get into some volunteer work, not sure what sort but just something to help people. But as everyone has advised me not to rush into anything just go with the flow for a while. I tell you this grieving process is not very consistent, both the ups and downs just sneak up on you. I have never really been very concerned about being an only child, but occasionally these days I wish I had a brother or sister to share these feelings with. My goodness what a depressing post I am writing tonight – I’m not really as down as I sound. I have had a really good day today with some of my amazing girlfriends.

Last time in Far Nth Queensland we had a lovely time out in Shanes boat. It's nice to have such a nice photo of my babies.

“Davine Time” update: Had lunch with Janine. Janine and I have been friends for over 30years. Isn’t it wonderful how you can have a friend whom you may not see for a while or all that often but when you do catch up your friendship just takes over and it is like you see each other all the time?