Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kuranda and Barron Falls

Today's outing was up the Kuranda Range to the small market village of Kuranda and also a walk to view the Barron Falls. I have been to Kuranda a couple of times before but still enjoy visiting all the various market stalls. Although I must admit not much has changed from my last visit five years ago.

The Barron Falls ( Din Din in Aboriginal) is a steep tiered cascading waterfall on the Barron River. These falls are said to be the most visited waterfalls in Queensland. Due to all the recent rains the area has had we were lucky enough to see the falls well and truly flowing. The Barron Falls are not just for the tourist to enjoy, they are also play a major role in supplying thousands of Cairns households electricity from the Barron River Hydroelectric power station.

Barron Falls 
One of the tiny forest inhabitants

The forest vines are intriguing to look at

Beautiful Far North Queensland

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