Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cape York - Days 6 - 7

Day 6 
From Weipa we headed along the shortcut to Batavia Downs. As we turned onto the road we didn't know what the road was going to be like. But as it turned out we were pleasantly surprised. It was a pretty good road with a few little creek crossings and some road upgrades in process. We decided to spend the night at Bramwell Station and as it turned out it was a great night. The State of Origan rugby was on TV, there's was a guy singing and we could get dinner. Dinner was pretty good but I'm not sure if it was worth the $35 per person. We met four blokes who were on their way back from the cape so I had fun picking their brains for lots of useful information. 

Day 7
After another humid night we set off from Bramwell Station at around 9.30am for our journey further up the pointy bit. First stop was at Bramwell Roadhouse. Luckily we didn't need very much petrol as it was $2.10 per litre and the price below the stubbie holders was $40 and $50 for a shirt!!! Needless to say we didn't buy any - but I thought that would have to be wrong. The road was a bit dodgy most of the way today. Then it was onto the Jardine River where you have to get a ferry across the river at a return cost of $99 for a single car. The Jardine river as narrower than I thought it would be, although it was pretty fast flowing. The road to Bamaga was pretty good with a couple more sealed bits. We then had a beer in the Bamaga Pub before heading to Loyalty Beach where we will spend the next 5 or 6 night. 

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