Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cape York Adventure - Day 11

Day 11

WooHoo we did it. Today we walked to the very "TIP" of Australia. We headed off from camp at 8.00am so we could get up there before the day heated up. After walking up and over what seemed like a mountain only mountain goats would travel on we reached the "Tip of Australia" Sign at around 9.15am. The walking track over the ridge was quite rocky both up and down. There were no signs so we just had to follow the tracks and mounds of rocks left by past walkers. As we climbed over the last hill and I spotted the "TIP" sign I became quite emotional and proud that we had done it. After the obligatory photos and Shane having a beer at the "TIP" we headed back. But this time we followed and elderly coach tour group. We figured the tour guide would take them the easier way. Which it certainly was, there were a few rocks before we descended into the beach for an easy stroll back to the car. 

We then headed to Somerset which was the location of the first settlement. There isn't much there now just some ruins and a few very old graves. We had a bit of a fish but kept well away from the water just I case anything with sharp teeth was lurking. After a drive through the dense bush to Fly Point awe headed back to our camp pretty exhausted but very proud of ourselves. 

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