Sunday, June 19, 2016

Back Down the Cape

After another quiet day at Loyalty Beach it was time for us to head back south down Cape York.
Another Cape York sunset
Heading out of Bamaga we got stuck in a rather big funeral procession before heading back down the Peninsula Development Road. It was a good drive to the ferry ride back over the Jardine River then the road deteriorated to some very uncomfortable corrugations. This portion of the road was much worse than our drive up and I would say it was due to the increase in vehicles heading north. After a while the road improved and we headed onto Moreton Telegraph Station for the night. Moreton Telegraph Station was one of the last outposts built along the Cape York telegraph line from Cooktown to Thursday Island.
A Cape York casualty
Just to prove that you should never take any situation for granted. This camper trailer could obviously take no more and the owners had to just leave it on the side of the road. 

Dinner time at Moreton Telegraph Station
The view from the our little green tent at Moreton Telegraph Station
Today's drive was pretty good, lots of road works which equals pretty smooth roads. There was also quite a few sealed portions. Coen was our destination for the night, once again behind the Exchange Hotel. Tonight is our last night in our little green tent. Even though our Cape York adventure has been totally amazing I will be glad to sleep once again in my comfy bed in Myrtle.
This trip up to the very tip of Australia has been absolutely amazing. The scenery is spectacular, we have met some interesting people, learnt so much of my country Australia's history, I personally have driven on roads that I never thought I could tackle, and we have both accomplished two bush walks that we would never have thought of tackling let alone completing. It is rumoured and I believe that in another 10 years the Peninsular Development Road will be totally sealed. This will be a great advantage for the people and businesses that are situated up there but I think it will take the adventure of the journey.

One very dirty......

...dirty car.
I am living such a fantastic life, I wish everyone could experience the things I have experienced. No matter what dreams you have big or little don't chase your dream - LIVE your dreams. Life is meant for living not thinking or wishing you were doing something. 


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