Sunday, June 26, 2016

Crystal Cascades

Today was a day of shopping, voting early in Australia's upcoming Federal Election and relaxing. But we thought we would drive the 10 minute drive to Crystal Cascades. Crystal Cascades is a series of small waterfalls that flow into large pools (salt water crocodile free) suitable for swimming. To enhance the beauty of the Freshwater River it is surrounded by large impressive granite boulders. At the end of the easy walk through the forest we were treated to the Cascade Waterfall.
Crystal Cascades

Crystal Cascade Falls
Unfortunately this area is not so beautiful for everyone who visits. In 2014 and 18 year old man drowned when he failed to resurface after slipping over the edge of the waterfall, while he was swimming in a restricted area. From what I could tell he was one of three people who have died in this location.
What the!!! Now I have to watch out for a Stinging Tree as well as spiders, snakes, crocs!!
OK I've found the plant..... No I wasn't tempted to touch it!!

What a way to finish my day. One of the best Garlic Prawn Pizzas I've ever had.

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