Thursday, October 22, 2015

Holiday at Home

Well my two week holiday at home has almost come to an end and it won't be long until we head back up north to where the car and van - Myrtle - are being stored. I have had such a joyous time at home, catching up with friends and indulging myself in my granddaughters environment. At 4 Clare is turning into quite a little miss, starting to now assert her personality. Mikayla at 2 has got a bit taller and she has now started stringing words together that by the look of her beaming smile she is quite proud of herself.

Last weekend we had a lovely family gathering while my son was down from Batemans Bay for the Melbourne Marathon. It was his first marathon and I couldn't be more proud of him in his preparation and commitment to such a huge challenge. He did the 42.195km run in 3hrs 20mins and finished 644th out of 6053 finishers. 

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