Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hanging out in Hervey Bay, Queensland

Our drive from 1770 to Hervey Bay was a fairly uneventful 300 kms but we did encounter a couple of interesting bridges to be towing Myrtle (our van) over. 

This first one crossed over the train line, it was arched and the wood looked as though it could give way under us at any time. But luckily we got over it (twice) with no mishaps. 

Then the next was over a river, it was very skinny and really no sides to speak of. I think we both held our breath crossing over this one. 
So you could say our day have a couple of bridge challenges that added to our Aussie Adventure. 
I know Hervey Bay has loads of activities to do such as Whale Watching day tours, Frazer Island tours and loads of water activities but my reason for coming here is simply to have a couple of days just relaxing, sitting looking at the ocean infront of Myrlte, maybe checking out some shops, eating nice food and walking along the beach. And that's exactly what I have been doing. I haven't even been taking any photos except for the couple on my beach walk today.

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