Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Darwin Part 1

Our 1st day in Darwin was nice and lazy, it is so nice to know we don't have to do or drive anywhere. So we hung around the camp for a while then drive into the CBD and wandered around. We went into a bar - Darwin Hotel - just to cool off and have a beer and when I went to the loo I saw something I have never seen before. On the wall and for $1 you could use a hair straightener. At first I wondered why? It wasn't obvious to me seeing I have dead straight hair, but I figure for when the humidity makes your hair go frizzy you can just straighten it. Still think its a bit weird. Then we had a look in the mall and had lunch. We drove down to the beach, so nice to see water and walk in lush green grass. While Shane was making sure I didn't go walk in the water due to the crocodiles that may be lurking !!!! But right now I am very excited as early tomorrow morning I am flying home to Melbourne for a few days to meet my brand new granddaughter Mikayla. So for the next couple of days I may just be uploading photos of Mikayla and Clare.