Monday, May 27, 2013

Daly Waters to Mataranka

I can't believe just how high we are in Australia now. It's only 422kms to Darwin, when it was 3,752kms when we left home. But as I am trying to train myself I don't have one destination on this adventure, every night is my destination for that day.  Mataranka was our destination for today, but we don't really intend on doing much as we will be coming back this way after Darwin and probably spend a few days. Mataranka is situated on the Roper River and is well known for their Hot Mineral Springs. That's why we are coming back after Darwin. But when we arrived we were pleasantly surprised to find out this weekend they were having their Never Never Festival and tonight there was a Rodeo. Now I've never been to a Rodeo so we had to go. Well it was one of the funniest night I have had in a long time. It was only a small Rodeo and I think some of the horses weren't told they had to buck and they had a hard time getting the bulls to get out of the ring after they have had their turn in the limelight. But I did enjoy the entertainment. Up this area driving along the highway you see thousands of termite mounds, but Mataranka is known for having more than it's far share.

Termite mounds

Mataranka Hot Mineral Springs



  1. Brilliant journey. Love the termite hills. Keep posting and I'll keep reading.

  2. I love termite mounds too! :) I look forward to hearing more about the Hot Mineral Springs - hope there's more to come.


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