Sunday, September 12, 2010

S Theme - Day 9

Hi, yes I am back after having a few IT issues for the past two days.
Before I get onto today's "S" word I am going to go back a few days. You will remember I wanted to hear your ideas of what you would do with a ball of string. Well today I finally finished my "Ball of String" project. My idea came from the blog "Honestly....WTF" and I am extremely happy with how my ball of string turned out. It was pretty easy but took a good few hours to complete. For my embellishments I added wooden beads and metal washers.

Now onto my "S" word for today, which is "Spiritual".  Today I have had the best day, it has been Spiritual, Enlightening, Fun, Prosperous, a day where I have met new friends and enjoyed the company of old friends. I had the pleasure of having a stall with my jewellery at the "International Angel Day". This is the second time this annual event has been held and I can see this wonderful day becoming bigger every year.
 Me at International Angel Day
Groovy Goddess "Michelle" - Angel Readings