Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise

Last night we decided to drive into Surfers Paradise to the Wednesday night market. As I have mentioned before we love heading to any sort of market, but the only thing we ever seem to buy is some sort of food. I was a little disappointed with this one as I expected being such a popular location it would have had more original, unusual stands but most were your run of the mill stuff. But yes we did still buy ourselves something to eat.

I don't tend to head to the Gold Coast much when I am up in this area as it has become way to commercialised and touristy these day. But it is still popular as it represents Australia's sun, surf, lifesavers and theme parks to the internationals, young families and the schoolies. When ever I do head to the Gold Coast area it always brings back lots of past memories. When I was 20 I came here for my honeymoon, with my ex Paul. Then when I was 40 I came here when my marriage was at an end, then in my 40's I came up here with my two kids, Shane and Rachel for our last family holiday, that is before they didn't want to hang out with Mum anymore!! And in between those times I have been up here numerous times to holiday and catch up with friends. So last night gave me my Gold Coast fix for a few more years. 

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