Friday, September 25, 2015

Lara Wetlands

We decided to stay at Lara for a night, that turned into three at the Lara Wetlands Bush Camp. It was absolutely beautiful, our camp was right on the water, we had our own fire each night and there was a hot Artesian Thermal Pool to have a soak in. The sites didn't have any power but there was toilets and showers and that's all you really need. Our first night was sheer bliss. After eating dinner beside our glowing campfire I settled into bed listening to the many noises of nature. In the morning I awoke as the sun came over the treetops to an orchestra of amazing sounds of nature. After mediating I sat and had breakfast with the Native Bees gathering pollen from the grasses. Two baby magpies came right up to my feet. Bright green parrots with the most vivid orange/red beneath their wings, blue parrots with a multitude of colours under their wings , various ducks, swans, birds that seemed to walk on water with their skinny little legs and then to top it of a big eagle flew over my head.
A beautiful sunset over the Lara Wetlands
Our very own nightly fire
The Artesian Thermal pool
Our next day was just another day in paradise. Our early morning was spent soaking in the Artesian Thermal Pool. It was pretty warm we you first got in, probably in the mid 40c's. That afternoon we decided to drive the 23km into Barcaldine to get a few supplies and have a look around. I have wanted to go to Barcaldine for awhile after hearing about the "Tree of Knowledge". The Tree of Knowledge was a Ghost Gum (Eucalyptus Papuana) which grew outside the railway station in Barcaldine for around 180 years and is celebrates as being the central meeting place for the Shearer's Strike during the upheaval in 1891. It is also believed that in 1891 the base of this historic tree was the location of the formation of the Australian Labour Party. Unfortunately it was poisoned in 2006 by an unknown culprit. After preservation it was placed under an award winning timber structure.  

Looking up inside this amazing structure

The Tree of Knowledge structure is very imposing
When we got back to Myrtle we both had a Nana nap. The evening was once again spent by our fire listening to nature bid the day farewell. 

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