Friday, September 25, 2015

Australian Stockmans Hall of Fame - Longreach

Longreach for me is the true Outback Australia although it is talked about in the tourist brochures as being the gateway to the Outback. It is quite a big town and doesn't have the dying town feel even though it has been in a severe drought for about the past 5 years. Driving around the area it's fairly obvious there is a drought, everywhere is so so dry. Rivers and creeks are just full of dust instead of water. Longreach's river the Thompson River only has an 18km stretch of water left. 
Yes there is a drought here
The Australian Stockmans Hall of Fame was one of the reasons we wanted to visit Longreach. This amazing attraction pays tribute to Australia's pioneering legends, the Royal Flying Doctor Service and outlines our Outback history. It includes some amazing artifices, electronic displays, films and photography. We paid a little extra to see an Outback show that included outback horsemanship, the way dogs work the sheep and general outback stuff. I would really recommend the Australian Stockmans Hall of Fame as it really gives us city slickers a glimpse into what the early Aussies had to go through to get this country it is as we know it today.

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