Monday, July 1, 2013

Territory Day - July 1st

On the 1st of July each year Territorians celebrate Territory Day, marking the commencement of Self Government in the Northern Territory. The day is celebrated across the Northern Territory in a number of ways, including the famous Territory Day fireworks. So needless to say the majority of shops in Katherine were selling fireworks today, which they cannot usually do as special permits are needed to sell, buy and use fireworks  throughout all of Australia. So I sit here writing this post with the popping of fireworks going off in all directions.
Today we checked out the surrounds of Katherine and went and bought a satellite decoder so we can set up our telly. Not that I am missing the TV, I am getting lots of reading done and we are actually having conversations without the idiot box going. But it will be nice to veg in front of the box occasionally.

Katherine River

Historic Springvale Homestead, built in 1879,
 is the oldest original homestead in the Northern Territory.

Raintree (Samanea saman)
These magnificant trees were planted in 1879 by Alfred Giles, manager of Sprinvale Station.Native of South America, Raintrees have short massive trunks that can support a canopy of greater than 30 metres. Fluffy pink and white flowers are produced early in the wet season. The dark brown seed pods contain an edible licorice flavoured pulp and the newly ripened pods are used as stock fodder in many countries. At night the leaves close and condensed moisture drips like rain when the leaves open again in the morning, hence the name raintree.

Katherine Hot Springs


  1. I think I want to try the pulp of the raintree - sounds gorgeous - and definitely need to have a dip in a hot spring. Your adventure is inspiring me, Davine. Thank You. :)

    1. Michelle the hot springs are so relaxing - this one in Katherine was not one of the best I have seen.


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