Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rum and Sandalwood

Today was another beautiful day in Kununurra, although I did have a minor hiccup in the morning (don't want to dribble on about it) that sort of set me back for a little while. But once I got things in perspective in my mind all was OK again. Anyway today was a day for a little bit of sight seeing. First it was off to the Hoochery - I know everyone thinks it has something to do with marijuana - but it is actually the Oldest Continually Operating Legal Still in Western Australia. They produce very high alcohol content rum. Shane had a taste and it nearly blew his head off. It was so strong (56.4% alcohol) his eyes started watering - ha ha it was pretty funny. Then it was off to Mt Romance - The Sandalwood Factory, which I was very interested in as years ago when my son Shane worked in Kununurra, he actually worked for this company (TFS - Tropical Foresty Services) on this Sandalwood Plantation. It was very interesting learning all about the Sandalwood, they also sell lots of products that contain the Sandalwood Oil - I bought a tube of hand and body lotion.
An interesting fact about these very slow growing trees is that they are a parasitic plant and require host trees next to them to provide extra water and nutrients by joining roots.
However, after the sandalwood is harvested, the host trees are useless, with new host trees being planted as new sandalwood is grown.

The Hoochery

Sandalwood Trees growing along with their host trees.

Backpackers enjoying Lake Kununurra -
don't think I would chance it here, could be Salties (Saltwater Crocodiles)!!

I also have to share my photo of the sunrise last Monday morning as we were leaving Lake Argyle. Pretty amazing hey?

Lake Argyle Sunrise


  1. WOW! Beautiful sunrise! I was just saying that I would like to get up early one morning just to do this!
    Interesting facts about Sandlewood that I didn't know.
    And 'salties'....a new one on me! And I don't blame you Davine for keeping your distance!!!

  2. You should do it Jim. I think getting up early enough to see the sunrise is a very spiritual experience.


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