Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lazy day in Kakadu

Well as I said yesterday today was going to be a lazy day, and it certainly was. Other than going to the Jabiru Sports Club for one beer (then leaving Shane there for a bit of a racing day) and having dinner at the tourist park restaurant (which was very nice Barramundi) I did absolutely nothing remotely connected to my adventure. So seeing I haven't really got anything to tell you all I thought I would just share some of my photos.
Off course I have to share another one of the beautiful Northern Territory Sunsets

and..... another one of the friendly crocodiles - I think I must look tasty!!!!

and..... me peeping through the rocks at The Lost City

The rock on the right is two faced rock with a Jabiru bird sitting on top off it.
But all I can see is ET facing left, Robocop facing right and
Homer Simpson having a snooze!!!

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  1. LOL! Too funny, Davine! Love that 'rock'!
    I will have to admit that I didn't know that there were crocs in Australia! But hold it for a then would Crocodile Dundee have become so famous!! Just never gave it that much thought.
    I think I would have to think twice about even trying to photgraph a croc unless it was behind a concrete wall or something!!


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