Friday, July 20, 2012

Time to Pamper Me

It is now a week since I had my hysterectomy operation. I had it last Friday at about 5.00pm and was discharged from hospital and home by noon on the Sunday. They certainly don't keep you in hospital for long these days!! But I have been following the surgeons instructions and that was to do absolutely nothing. Not that I have been able to do anything - I have a shower and have to sleep again. Some people may find this strange and some will know exactly where I am coming from. I know my parents (since left me) where with me, especially my Dad. As soon as I woke in recovery I could smell my Dad. At first the doubting Thomas in me said it was just due to the anesthetic but I can't explain why it has happened twice more since, other than he is around watching out for me. Since my Mum and Dad left me I have been wanting to get a memorial necklace that I can hold a small amount of each of their ashes. I have finally got my piece but I had to get a dear friend of mine "Vicki" to do the job as I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I now have this most amazing and most cherished piece if jewellery to wear and know that the two people that made me will always be with me.

I must say that I am in two minds about posting this entry to my blog as it is the most
personal I have ever been. But I think this us what I need to do at this very time of my life.