Wednesday, July 25, 2012


With my recuperation going slowly but well and my "Motivational Magic" group theme for today being "Joy" I felt a little challenged. Because I'm still not allowed to do anything, how can I have a joyful day? What brings me "Joy"? Doing any sort of crafts? Problem solved - I will do some crafting today - between sleeps that is. First up I tackled the "Big Red Dice" I was making for my daughter Rachel to use in her school teaching. I didn't have much to do, just finish sewing on the last green dots, so it was finished on no time.
Rachel's Big Red and Green Dice
Next I decided tackle a project I have had on my to do list for a few years. It's not a finish in a day project, so tonight I can share the photos of my preparation but the final result will take a while. I will try and upload my inspiration though.
Firstly, I collected lots of used and cleaned potato chip packets. Lucky I am addicted to chippies!!
Cut into 2" x 4 1/2" pieces

Next it's onto folding all my little rectangles into tiny little rectangles to intertwine into each other.

Now all these little rectangles will eventually become a potato chip wallet. I have uploaded my inspiration below. Mine won't have the handle -
not sure how mine will look but I will definitely share with you.

This little bag is my inspiration but mine will be more of a purse with a zip.

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  1. Your JOY is my JOY, too! What an inspiring post, Davine! Really, really like your Big Red & Green dice - perfect prop for the classroom. And, you have intrigued me with the chip packet purse ... I hope the completion of the project is not too far away. Can't wait to see it.


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